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Aisino Won the Bid to Upgrade Card Manufacturing Devices for the Exit-Entry Administration of Shanghai

  Recently, Aisino Corporation won the bid of upgrading card manufacturing devices for the Exit-Entry Administration of Shanghai.

  In this project, Aisino will provide a new-generation card-manufacturing device with our own IP and associated technology service for the Exit-Entry Administration of Shanghai. Equipped with AI technology, the device will play a demonstrative role in building labor-free production line for large-scale card manufacturing.

  The New-generation Integrated Card-manufacturing Device

  The new-generation, suitable for mass production, is independently developed upon Aisino’s card manufacturing device for the Travelling Permit to and from Hong Kong and Macau. Compared with the last generation, the new one has been improved on its core technology and functions with multiple cutting-edged technologies. Also, the utilization of AI technology helps to realize the integration between robotic system and manufacturing system, which makes automatic manufacturing, remote control, surveillance and troubleshooting possible. That is also the realization of labor-free production line management.

  The successful biding of the project, once again, demonstrates Aisino’s comprehensive capacities of developing large-scale card manufacturing device and applying new technology, which will lay foundation for using AI technology in the field of card manufacturing in China.