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The Prompt-approval System of Business Registration was Launched in Huicheng District of Guangdong Province with the Work of Aisino’s Intelligent Government Affair Team

  On 10th February, the prompt-approval system of business registration established by Aisino was launched to conduct trial operation, which has solved customers’ urgency, facilitated the requirements of the enterprises and avoided close contact for window clerks.  

  This system, on the basis of the technology matrix of Aisino, has realized “remote acceptance, one-stop service on one website and prompt process and approval” in the business registration with the utilization of a series of technologies, including big data, AI(artificial intelligence) and blockchain. This system, which can help enterprises to achieve the whole registration process, including self-declaration, unmanned acceptance, automatic approval and self-accreditation within 5 minutes, makes Huicheng District to become the first area in this region to truly realize “prompt-approval” of the business registration in government affairs service.

  The Prompt-Approval Business Registration Area

  The project team, cooperating with the relevant departments in the COVID-19 outbreak prevention and control work, gave up their holidays during the period of the Spring Festival in order to earlier get this system online. The relevant technicians have also worked in the front-line without any fears of this pandemic. Their cooperation, struggle and dedication have fully reflected Aisino’s selfless dedication qualities, rigorous and pragmatic attitudes towards work and the spirit of scaling new peaks. 

  The Team carried out the on-site operation and maintenance of the System

  During the period of prevention and control on the COVID-19, many places have actively offered administrative service via the internet, mobile phone and self-service terminal. The implemented policies of “streamlining the government, delegating power, and improving government services” have already achieved remarkable results, the requirements for the intelligent administrative service have accordingly become more urgent. The intelligent government-service team of Aisino has made quick response to update the system in real-time and optimize the “no-meeting” office function. Relying on the national service system, it has already helped a number of provinces and cities get a batch of high-frequency and hot-spot services online at a top speed, truly carrying out the government service of “no-meeting, zero-move and online-processing” in to practice. The Aisino has made its contribution to prevent and control the outbreak, gaining wide acclaim from customers.