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Aisino Corporation won Zhangjiakou’s Public Transport Group Bid for Upgrading and Transforming the Intelligent Public Transportation Information

  On 17th January, Aisino won Zhangjiakou’s Public Transport Group bid for the project of upgrading and transforming the intelligent public transportation information with a total amount of above 25.36 million yuan(3.6 million US dollars). It is another ten-million-level project of urban public transport information won by Aisino after Yongzhou Avenue’s intelligent system project of BRT(bus rapid transit) and its subsequent supporting work of Hunan Province. 

  It has become a significant part of building an Olympic city to upgrade and transform the public transport system of Zhangjiakou City, which is one of the cities hosting the 2020 Winter Olympics. In this project, Aisino will help the city to upgrade and improve its existing intelligent scheduling system for the public transport; build the public transport data center, the traffic control hall and the big data platform; and establish the supporting, management and service intelligent application systems. After the completion of this project, it will greatly improve the management and service of Zhangjiakou’s public transport industry, providing technical guarantee for its smart public transport operation and basic support for mining and integrating big data of the public transport.

  Always adhering to the concept of serving government and assisting enterprises, Aisino has implemented the development strategies of national urban public transport priorities and digital traffic in all respects. Through the construction of projects, Aisino, seizing the opportunity of the 2020 Winter Olympics, has further deepened and expanded the content and modes of urban public transport information service and accelerated the full upgrading of digital and intelligent urban public transport. By doing so, it aims to provide safe, economical, convenient and comfortable traveling ways for the public, constantly improve the service of urban public transport and facilitate fast and healthy development of the urban public transport.