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Aisino Corporation Won Medical Products Administration of Yunnan Province Bid for the Project of Building Supervision System of Vaccine Tracking Information

  On 2nd March, Aisino won Medical Products Administration of Yunnan Province bid for the project of building supervision system of vaccine tracking information. This is another progress in provincial-level supervision platform of vaccine tracking after building this supervisory platform of Tianjin Municipality.  

  Medical Products Administration of Yunnan Province, in terms of the unified deployment of Notice of the General Office of the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) and the National Health Commission on Establishing Vaccine Information Tracking System, has placed this project as a component of launching national collaborative vaccine tracking platform. In this project, it will set up a data aggregation platform and three application subsystems(including the subsystem of manufacturing enterprises service, the subsystem of supervision and administration of vaccine tracking in Yunnan Province. This project, which is a powerful measure to implement the Law on Vaccine Management, will facilitate the data collection and analysis of the its production, delivery and vaccination; meanwhile, it will supervise the whole process of vaccine’s production and circulation, further improving the regulatory functions of Medical Products Administration of Yunnan Province.

  Aisino always adheres to serving government and fully implements the national development requirements of the vaccine supervision. By comprehensively utilizing multiple information technologies, it has established the supervision platform of vaccine tracking information to strengthen the vaccine supervision, making active contributions to advance the healthy development of the vaccine industry, guarantee the public health and maintain the public health security.