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Aisino Corporation Participated in the Construction of Shandong Institute for Blockchain Industry

  On 12th March, 2020, under the organization of the government of Shizhong District of Jinan City, the opening ceremony of Shandong Institute for Blockchain Industry and the signing ceremony of Shandong-Aisino Blockchain Industrial Park was held via video, connecting with the venues in Jinan, Beijing and Fuzhou in real-time and achieving full success. Aisino participated in the conference as the co-construction unit of Shandong Institute for Blockchain Industry. Ji Shengfeng, Standing Deputy Director of the Social Organization Administration of Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong Province; Sun Bin, Deputy Mayor of the People’s Government of Jinan; Han Yongjun, Secretary of Commission of Shizhong District of Jinan and other relevant leaders attended to the ceremony in Jinan. Ma Tianhui, Communist Party Secretary and President of Aisino; Liu Haifa, Vice General Manager of Aisino and the staff of the relevant departments and research institute attended to the conference in Beijing.

  Sun Bin delivered the speech at the ceremony. The Institute for Blockchain Industry is the first comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship platform specialized in technology research and development, achievement transformation and industry cultivation in Shandong Province,  marking another substantial and key step in the development of the blockchain industry in Jinan, said Sun.

  Ma Tianhui delivered a speech

  Han Yongjun and Ma Tianhui delivered speeches successively. Ma Tianhui stated that, the Basic Blockchain Platform of Aisino has already been filed by the Cyberspace Administration and has passed the trusted blockchain function testing and the performance testing organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the future, relying on Jinan’s rich resource, technology, talents and other advantages, Aisino will give full play to the technical strength to build a benchmark demonstration project, serve the government and facilitate the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

  Liu Haifa signed on behalf of Aisino

  On behalf of Aisino, Liu Haifa signed the framework agreement of co-constructing Shandong-Aisino Blockchain Industrial Park with the government of Shizhong District of Jinan City and Shandong Institute for Blockchain Industry.